Eamonn Ruane  -  Artist

 Hi my name is Eamonn, 

I was born, and still live, in West London.  Having trained as an engineer I was made redundant and decided to concentrate on my artwork which I have always enjoyed from a very young age.

I gain a lot of satisfaction from working with colour, being creative and bold using mixed media including acrylic, oils and fine ink. I enjoy painting a wide range of subjects including wildlife, seascapes, famous London landmarks as well as abstract art this includes my own unique style of animals and as you will see this is where the strong colours and bold lines come into their own. 

I have spent time visiting both the West Country and the New Forest where I gain inspiration for my seascapes from the natural elements, the light and the many colours seen in the sea, sky and flora.

I've travelled extensively through London and have spent time walking along the South Bank of the Thames as well as using the boats that travel up and down the river  giving me time to take in the sights and ideas for my gallery of London Scenes.

I currently sell my work in London and have sold to people from many countries around the world, some of my customers have built up a collection of my work.

For information on purchasing artwork or general enquiries please contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

All artwork is original.  I also produce a range of calendars which make good presents especially at Christmas.  Watch the website for these around October.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my gallery... Eamonn Ruane


Artwork photos and text Copyright  of Eamonn Ruane